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  • What are the benefits of an acrylic wall surround?
    - Lifetime guarantee on colour and fading - Custom fit bath and shower systems - Durable, stain resistant, long-term material - Scratches can be buffed out easily - Easy to clean with zero grout lines - Affordable
  • Is there any warranty on your workmanship and products?
    Yes, we offer a 3 year workmanship guarentee and most of our products are life-time warranty.
  • Do you remove mold from underneath the old tiles and bath area?
    Yes, the BathWorX team removes all the mold that is found during the renovation.
  • How long will I be without water during the renovations?
    The BathWorX team aims to have your water back on and running within the hour of turning it off.
  • How long will my bathroom reno take?
    The BathWorX team can complete a bathroom reno in as little as one day (We specialize in the bath area and this makes us very effecient in the way we work)

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