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Shower Solutions

From Standard Alterations To A Luxury Upgrade

Tub To Shower Conversion

Conversions are definitely no small job: and decisions about doors, plumbing, and clean installation need to be simultaneously considered. Working with BathWorX is a great advantage, as we’ve built a reliable expertise within these areas. Other reasons could include a reboot of your design, or to save space.


Common reasons why our customers convert their tub to shower:

  • As part of a complete bathroom redesign, or to compliment a large-scale custom design

  • To save physical space in your bathroom

  • To increase usability compared to your bathtub

  • To lessen ecological impact from using showers compared to baths daily

  • To save money on water bills

  • As a guest friendly option for guest or second bathrooms

  • The step to get into a shower instead of a bath is safer

Shower Replacement

Our shower remodeling service will give you a custom-made solution your shower… literally. We have traditional and modern options to suit every style. Our team is committed to a clean and efficient way of working, so your home will be cared for while it’s in our hands: and because our systems are grout free, you’ll have continued ease and convenience of use long after we’re gone.

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 Accessible Shower

An accessible shower is customizable to your needs, from grab bars to wheel-chair accessible showers to shower seats.  Let BathWorx meet your needs to make your shower work for you.

Corner or Custom Shower

Corner showers are very space oriented, we offer a variety of sizes and doors, from high end to budget friendly, we have you covered.

Custom Shower:

We offer custom shower bases made from cultured marble to match your shower dimensions.

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During our installation process, we are meticulous about proper testing and sealing, to make sure your new shower surround is 100% and sealed and correctly installed for worry free operation for many years.

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